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Springs Coming!

Well, it's February! We just got back from a wee visit in Houston seeing our Son and his family. It was pretty green. There were flowers and grass! I've got to say, I'm sure looking forward to Spring!

The seasons are one of the reasons I love living where I do. It is always so exciting to think about planting, yard work, campfires after the yard work, and baby animals. We are hoping that we have 2 Mini colts in May. We didn't have the girls pregnancy confirmed, but I'm sure I felt some kicking a couple of weeks ago. Time will tell, but boy I am excited about the possibility! I keep trying to talk Ed into some more animals. Perhaps a lamb, chickens, mini goats??? So far he's pretty adament that our animal count should stay where it is.

The reservations are starting to come in for the spring too. We have folks coming from the UK, Germany, and we have returning guests which is awesome too. Being that the winter is pretty slow for our B&B I have not been in the routine of baking for guests, but I'm looking forward to getting the Banana Cinnamon Buns, Saskatoon Loaf, Cookies, etc. going again.

We hope to see you soon!

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