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New Journey With the Allen's

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Sharing our home and story with you with our new Blog!

Come and experience what a Bee Keeper does up close and personal.

Thank you for reading our first Blog!

When we first started down this road we were excited to share with you our home. However we quickly realized that we had a site that enabled us to both open our doors and our hearts to our guests and friends around the world.

What interesting people and connections we have made since opening our B&B! The world gets a little smaller when visiting with our guests this past weekend, the conversation about turkey farming came up. Our guest mentioned that he drove for Sofina Foods, (formally Lillydale ) and I said "my brother raises turkeys and sells to Lillydale." Well, it turns out our guest is the regular driver who picks up the turkeys from my brothers place, and knows him very well. We laughed and once again were reminded how you just never know the "connections" that might be there if explored.

We have decided to give our "Summer Visitors" a Bee Experience when they come. This will include wearing a bee suit, and having a tour with Ed the resident Bee Keeper here at Allen Acres. All our guests will be given a complimentary jar of our honey as well.

We can't wait to meet you!

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