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What a great year it's been! Our Bed and Breakfast has been a "bee hive of activity" since January!

178 folks have slept here this year.

That's a lot of cinnamon buns, muffins, bed changing, vacuuming, and the other hundreds of things this adventure of ours entails. We would have never guessed that we would be so busy and meet so many folks that is for sure!

Chicka foaled in June and we had another baby who is named Tayzee. He is a sweetheart. Tilly the sheep and Maverick both won 2nd place ribbons in the International Horse/Other Animal Agility Club. That was very exciting!

The bees were pretty busy this year and the harvest was good. We seem to run out of honey very quickly so we were trying to be patient for those bees to finish the season. They are now all wrapped up cozy in their hives and hopefully enjoy the winter break.

We were thrilled to have so many returning guests this year. It's so nice to catch up with folks again.

We currently have 23 chickens which are a delight to both us and our guests. Our new gals are laying green and blue eggs, and in the summer they free ranged so it was like a Easter egg hunt every day. So fun!

We started noticing mice at the barn, because of the chicken food so in the summer we got some kittens. They are working hard to earn their keep which we really appreciate. Both the chickens and the kitties have a nice warm barn as we got a propane heater for the barn. It's very toasty and will keep everybody happy this winter.

We didn't get as many jobs done this summer as we had hoped as our daughter and family were building a new house and needed Ed's help, but I'm learning that the jobs just wait for you so we will get to them in the summer.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and that this new year will be the best ever. I am learning that through the tough times it's imperitive to be positive, thankful, and hopeful. Hope to see you sometime in the coming year!

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