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2020 - Oh Baby, What a Year!

In January 2020 our summer calendar was looking very full. We had multiple guest bookings from Australia, Germany, and the UK, as well as most weekends were booked with wedding bookings. This would be our 3rd summer of having a B&B and we were excited to see how it was growing, and we were beginning to have repeat customers which is always great!

Then Covid! All of our bookings were cancelled. Every single one.

At the end of May we had our first guests, then the bookings starting coming in. It has been the busiest summers we have ever had, and it is busy into the fall. The majority of our guests are from Alberta, but we have had folks from Sask, Manitoba, Ontario, and BC as well.

Our improvements continue. We hired two young men to help us with the brush removal, cutting down MORE Poplar trees, clearing for our new fence, installing our new fence, plus many more jobs.

In the Spring we welcomed "Maverick", our Mini Horse's colt. What a sweet blessing he has been! I've also become a Chicken Mom! What a hoot they are to watch! We currently have 9, but by the time we figure out the rooster count we might keep half that number. I was so sad when Olive started crowing. She is now Oliver, and tries his best to use his adolescent "cock-a-doodle-do" to wake us in the am, but so far it isn't very loud.

Tilly, our new Holland Lop had babies 2 weeks ago. They are adorable! We hope we can find them wonderful homes.

We started harvesting our honey today. It's going to be so nice to have some fresh honey, as we ran out a bit ago. It was a hard year for our hives, losing all but one, but they seem to be doing well right now.

Life is full of ups and downs, but we know we do not have to be fearful, and that we are going to continue to press on and look forward to the future!

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